Wednesday, December 29, 2010

xfs sunit/swidth settings using RAID

For optimum performance the sunit and swidth XFS mount parameters should correspond to the underlying RAID array. sunit corresponds to the stripe size and swidth corresponds to the number of drives. Here are my notes on these settings:

sunit/swidth values reported by xfs_info are in file system blocks not 512 blocks, default file system block = 4k (I think this will be chosen automagically by mkfs.xfs)

swidth = n-1 drives for raid 5 (just the stripe drives)

mount -o sunit=512,swidth=1536 /dev/md0 [mountpoint]
        -Here sunit is set for 256k stripe size (512b*512b/1024b=256k) and 4 drives total in array (so 3*512)
        -xfs_info will report this as sunit=64blks, swidth=192blks with the default 4kb block size. (64*4096b/1024b=256k) (64*3)

Unfortunately I don't have the references for this info, which is a shame because the info was hard to nail down.

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